Ultimate Collection of lightroom presets for concert photographers


The Ultimate Collection of Lightroom Concert Presets contains over 110 Lightroom presets from all 7 Collections! Whether you’re a beginning photographer or an experienced professional you can save time and get better results in your Lightroom 4, 5 & 6 workflow with these single click adjustment and correction Lightroom presets. These concert-focused presets have been specifically created, tested and used by professional concert photographers using RAW images to get accurate results without degrading image quality. Many of our Lightroom Concert Presets come with multiple levels of power for the perfect outcome in every situation and are compatible with Adobe Lightroom 6, along with 4 and 5!

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Read below to see why we offer the Best Royalty Free Lightroom Presets for any photography workflow!

lightroom presets are easy to use and install


Our Adobe Lightroom Presets for concert photographers are made to work with Lightroom 4, 5 & 6. Installing ConcertPresets is simply unzipping them into your presets folder and using them requires a single click. You can fine-tune your images further and stack multiple presets.

fast, professional workflow using presets to quickly create professional photographs


Lightroom Concert Presets are designed and used by professional concert photographers as part of a regular workflow. Nearly all of our Lightroom Presets have multiple levels of intensity to save you time and get to the final product quicker. Made for Lightroom 4, 5 and 6!

quality concert presets for quality photographs


Our Lightroom Presets are made using RAW images and are tested and adjusted on many before being released. To prevent color clipping, we calibrate our concert presets using full color and shade scales to view and fine-tune the raw adjustments.

concert presets for lightroom photographers can be used for commercial work


Our royalty free lightroom presets for concert photographers license doesn’t restrict you to only using these Lightroom Presets for personal or not-for-profit work. You can use Concert Presets for any project, assignment, paying gig or whatever!

use these lightroom 4, 5 and 6 presets for concerts, events, artistic effects and more!

Concerts, Nightclubs &

Concert Presets are far too useful to be limited to concerts and nightclubs alone. Although concert photography is the main focus many of the presets are amazing for other styles including street, landscapes, abstract, promo shots and more.

quality concert presets for quality photographs


When you create an account you can be sure that you’ll continue to receive updates to any of our Concert Preset bundles for Lightroom that you own, for life. There are no hidden charges and no upgrade fees!


Basic workflow lightroom presets

The Basic Workflow Preset Collection contains everything you need to quickly modify basic settings such as Exposure, White Balance, Noise Removal, Portrait Sharpening and Wide Sharpening. In addition to the basics, three powerful presets for boosting lighting levels, fixing fog and colors are included as an added bonus. These can quickly correct photographs without affecting quality where exposure alone would ruin the shot. You’ll find that these Basic Workflow presets are tuned for all kinds of photography including portraits, concerts, weddings, photojournalism and more.

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Advanced Workflow Lightroom Presets for Concert Photographers

Concert Presets for Lightroom now includes the Advanced Workflow bundle for Photographers. These 12 advanced presets were specifically designed to give you a fast start, correct red and blue light issues, intensify the look and feel of your photos and correct for some difficult to fix issues. Pair the Advanced Workflow Concert Presets with the Basic Workflow and you’ve got everything you need. For a huge boost of additional power, especially for correcting reds, blues, and greens at precise levels with post-removal enhancements check out the Color Correction Lightroom Preset Bundle.

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Color Correction Presets for Concert Photographers

The Color Correction Preset Bundle for concert photographers was made to help counter the sometimes overbearing lighting that some technicians use for shows, especially before the main acts. These presets will correct reds, blues and greens even when you think the lights were too intense to fix! We spared no detail when designing this collection for Lightroom and went as far as using precise color-gamut and gradient testing over the entire spectrum to ensure these presets would work in all situations without clipping. These 23 presets include different levels for different lighting in the red, green and blue spectrum. Also included are color boosters and presets that remove all color except for one (that style never seems to go away…)

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Black and White Presets for Concert Photographers

In photography one thing has always remained constant and iconic and that is the power of black and white photographs. For over a century black and white photos have captivated us with their power to enhance emotion and focus. There are a total of 16 Black and White concert presets for both dark and bright conditions to pull out the most detail, vivid highlights and shadows. Most presets in this package come with multiple levels of power to get the perfect outcome every time! These presets were developed with RAW photography from music festivals and venues of all sizes to ensure there is something for everyone. These presets are compatible with Lightroom 4, 5 & 6.

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The Grunge Presets for Concert Photographers

The Grunge features 10 amazing underground photography style presets including three different styles of “Seattle Grunge Scene”, a hot new preset that’s a style between Walking Dead and an HD look. Mix with Concert Presets with other packs, add a few adjustments and you’ve got your own easy to replicate style. These presets were developed with RAW photography from music festivals and venues of all sizes to ensure there is something for everyone. These presets are compatible with Lightroom 4, 5 & 6.

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Retro Focus Presets for Concert Photographers

Retro Focus is our way of saying we don’t like to let go of the past. From the old film looks to a couple outright crazy presets that emulate interesting processing techniques we’ve got you covered. Have fun with these, especially at outdoor festivals where these Lightroom Presets have the best results.

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Clarity Split Tone Presets for Concert Photographers

There’s something for every photo in the Clarity Split Tone preset bundle. Dramatically alter the mood and style of your image in one effortless mouse click, even transforming dull standard shots into personal works of art. These Lightroom presets are great for all genres of music from underground hip hop to large and colorful nightclubs and festivals. These presets are designed to be used towards the end of your editing workflow: Set the exposure and alter the dark and light areas as you feel necessary, then apply a Clarity Split Tone.

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