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Alternate Exposure I - Lightroom 4 Preset
Alternate Exposure I

This preset does much more than just boost exposure to boost your photograph without bringing out too much noise and artifacts. By combining every Lightroom 4 tool that can be used to brighten certain areas of an image we created “Alternate Exposure I”.

If you look closely at the sample image you’ll notice that all of the dark areas were brightened. The areas that were already bright were enhanced and some detail was returned. One single click with this preset brought a lifeless photo from unusable to magazine ready -aside from the sharpening and noise reduction of course 🙂


Booster With Fog Control - Lightroom 4 Preset
Booster with Fog Control

Add that special little boost to your photograph with this handy preset. “Booster with Fog Control” softly enhances the darker areas of your image by bringing back lost detail and light without blowing out the brighter areas. Color, contrast and clarity are slightly adjusted to remove some of the ambient fog that casts a dull varnish over you image.

This preset works exceptionally well on close up crowd photographs where faces and detail matter.


Colorful Nightclub - Lightroom 4 Preset
Colorful Nightclub

Never show another dull nightclub photo when you use the “Colorful Nightclub” preset! This preset dramatically increases color throughout your image wherever color is found and helps remove some of those boring dark areas that show up so often in club photos. This preset can literally be used on every single one of your images and produce great results if color is your thing.