Q: How do I install Lightroom Presets?
A: Click here to read the instructions. There are also plenty of YouTube videos showing the process.

Q: Will these presets work for RAW and JPEG?
A: We design all of our presets with RAW files. They will work for JPEG but some adjustments may need to be made. RAW files are much better for color and quality and space is cheap these days so why work with a filetype that can’t bring out the best?

Q: Can I use these presets commercially?
A: Yes! All presets from ConcertPresets.com can be used on commercial imagery without an additional license.

Q: I purchased a preset bundle and there have been new presets added to it since then. The price went up too. Do I have to repurchase it?
A: No (If you have an account)! If you purchase a preset bundle you can always re-download it from your account page, even if the price went up or more presets were added! If you don’t have an account you will not be able to re-download the bundle without repurchasing.

Q: Can I sell or include your presets with my own bundles?
A: No. Please do not sell or transfer our presets to anyone else who did not purchase them.

Q: I have a photo that I would like a preset made for. Can you do this?
A: Yes! Please contact us letting us know what you would like and we will design a custom preset based on your photo.

Q: What is your refund policy
A: Due to the nature of downloadable files we cannot accommodate refunds. If you would like to see what your photo would look like with our presets applied please contact us.