Color Correction Presets



The Color Correction Presets Bundle for concert photographers was made to help counter the sometimes overbearing lighting that some technicians use for shows, especially before the main acts.

These 23 presets include different levels for different lighting in the red, green and blue spectrum. Also included are color boosters and presets that remove all color except for one (selective color… the┬ástyle that everyone hates but never seems to go away…)

The selective color presets in this bundle allow for a slight bit of overlap within the local color spectrum to prevent Lightroom from clipping and preserve the quality you want.

[rev_slider ColorCorrectionBlue]


[rev_slider ColorCorrectionRed]


[rev_slider ColorCorrectionGreen]



Presets Include:

  • Blue Booster
  • Blue Remover I
  • Blue Remover II
  • Blue Remover III
  • Blue Remover Post Enhancement
  • Green Booster
  • Green Remover I
  • Green Remover II
  • Green Remover III
  • Green Remover Post Enhancement
  • Red Booster
  • Red Remover I
  • Red Remover II
  • Red Remover III
  • Red Remover Post Enhancement
  • Reset Color Correction Only
  • Total Reset
  • Remove All Except Aqua
  • Remove All Except Blue
  • Remove All Except Green
  • Remove All Except Magenta
  • Remove All Except Orange
  • Remove All Except Purple
  • Remove All Except Red
  • Remove All Except Yellow