Basic Workflow Bundle Updated

Preset Bundle Updated! Featured, News & Updates

We’re pleased to announce that the Basic Workflow Preset Bundle has been updated a second time! In the last update we added 3 advanced presets. This time we added 12 new white balance presets giving you a finer degree of control without having to leave the presets panel. There are both warm and cool presets for every need.

As always, customers who have already purchased the Basic Workflow Bundle in the past get the updated bundle for free. To do this sign in, go to your account and your downloads, then click to download the Basic Workflow Preset Bundle again. Delete the old folder from your Lightroom presets directory and add this new one for a seamless upgrade. If you did not create an account when you purchased this Preset Bundle please forward us a copy of your purchase confirmation/receipt to support ([at]) concertpresets ([.com]).

Have a happy new year!

Ultimate Collection Released! Featured, News & Updates

This is the Ultimate Collection! This collection includes every bundle we’ve made with a huge markdown on price! One of the best things about this bundle is that ALL future bundles and updates are available to you at NO additional cost, for life! Be sure you create an account upon checkout so you can continue to access your account and all future preset bundles and updates in the future.

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Final Edited Photograph

Lightroom Tutorial: How to Edit Dark Photos in Black & White Featured, Lightroom Tutorials, Presets in Action

In this tutorial we are going to start with a tough, dark photo because every concert photographer, whether just starting or a seasoned pro, runs into the issue of dark venues with sub-par and hard to catch lighting. Note: Some shadow detail, highlight detail and color is lost during the conversion from RAW to JPEG. You can download a low-res .tif copy here to follow along with this tutorial (right click the link and download or save image as).


Original Unedited Photo

Original Unedited Photo

Photo Meta Data:

Image Type: RAW
Focal Length: 50mm
Shutter Speed: 1/160
Aperture: f/1.4
ISO: 1600
Flash: No Flash


Step 1:

Presets-in-Action-01---02The first thing we want to do is to increase our exposure to bring out more light in all areas of the photo. For this we simply select “Exposure – (+2)” from the Basic Workflow Presets Pack. Alternately you can increase you exposure via the slider. Immediately you now see much more detail and some areas that are almost over exposed but don’t worry! We’ll get to that later. Also notice that there is a lot more noise showing through in the previously dark areas because of the high ISO. More on this coming later as well.

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Step 2:

Presets-in-Action-01-03Now you should apply the preset “Spotlight Highlight” from the Black & White Presets Pack. The photo is a more pleasing already because the color noise isn’t there to distract us any more. The contrast was adjusted by this preset as was the tone curve so there are no blown out highlights left except for some in the bokeh.

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Step 3:

Presets-in-Action-01-04Instead of applying noise reduction we are going to change a few settings in the panel titled “Basic”. This image already has quite a bit of grain and because it’s black and white, applying noise reduction will remove some fine details that make the photo what it is and will make it appear blurry.

  1. Color Temperature – Change from 4900 to 9000 to bring out a bit more contrast and depth.
  2. Tint – Set to “-30” to help manage some of the noise in the shadows.
  3. Shadows – Set to “-25” to add a little more contrast and to help us so we won’t have to use as much noise reduction since the noise is in the shadows and blacks on this photo.
  4. Blacks – Set to “-10” for the same reasons as #2.
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Step 4:

Presets-in-Action-01-05The very bright areas of bokeh to the left of the photograph are distracting to the eye and the overall look. To correct this quickly we are going to use the graduated filter tool. It’s the one under the histogram that is shaped like a rectangle with solid lines. You can also press “M” on the keyboard to select it right away.

The settings I used are as follows:
Contrast: 38
Highlights: -74
Shadows: 17
Everything not listed is set to 0.

To apply the graduated filter, simply click and drag from your desired point. In my photo I started about an inch from the left and dragged the filter all the way over to the fingers. Feel free to adjust the settings after you apply the filter to your liking. Now our eyes are easily drawn to the hand without being distracted by extremely bright bokeh!

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Step 5:

The final adjustment is to change the Highlight Priority located in the panel titled “Effects”. Set it to somewhere between -10 and -20, the other settings are fine. You want to use it just enough to subtly guide the viewers eye to the hand in the photo, without actually making an oval spotlight effect.

We now have a clean, beautiful, natural-digital high ISO grain. You can apply the “Sharpen – I” preset from the Basic Workflow Preset Pack if you wish. It does not apply much sharpening, but just enough to bring out some further detail.

Final Edited Photograph

Final Edited Photograph

Basic Workflow Updated! Contests & Specials, Featured, News & Updates

[box type=”info”] We’ve added 3 new presets and a 25% off code to this bundle! Use NOFULLPRICE at checkout for 25% off. Available now for a limited time. Hurry, Expires May 15th, 2013.



Alternate Exposure I - Lightroom 4 Preset
Alternate Exposure I

This preset does much more than just boost exposure to boost your photograph without bringing out too much noise and artifacts. By combining every Lightroom 4 tool that can be used to brighten certain areas of an image we created “Alternate Exposure I”.

If you look closely at the sample image you’ll notice that all of the dark areas were brightened. The areas that were already bright were enhanced and some detail was returned. One single click with this preset brought a lifeless photo from unusable to magazine ready -aside from the sharpening and noise reduction of course 🙂


Booster With Fog Control - Lightroom 4 Preset
Booster with Fog Control

Add that special little boost to your photograph with this handy preset. “Booster with Fog Control” softly enhances the darker areas of your image by bringing back lost detail and light without blowing out the brighter areas. Color, contrast and clarity are slightly adjusted to remove some of the ambient fog that casts a dull varnish over you image.

This preset works exceptionally well on close up crowd photographs where faces and detail matter.


Colorful Nightclub - Lightroom 4 Preset
Colorful Nightclub

Never show another dull nightclub photo when you use the “Colorful Nightclub” preset! This preset dramatically increases color throughout your image wherever color is found and helps remove some of those boring dark areas that show up so often in club photos. This preset can literally be used on every single one of your images and produce great results if color is your thing.

Just in time too… Featured, News & Updates

“It’s about time someone realizes there are photographers like me who don’t need retro wedding presets”

Hello, World! We just realized there isn’t anywhere to find quality concert presets for Lightroom 4…  Let us introduce!

Our site isn’t finished yet because we still have hundreds of new presets and bundles to add, not to mention one-of-a-kind Lightroom tutorials tailored to your specific needs! Keep checking back for new updates and don’t forget to spread the word because we aim to bring you some of the best quality presets on the web.

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